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One off Cleaning

Is your home deteriorating? Use our One off cleaning service and you will be more than impressed

London One off Cleaning

If your home or office is looking slightly deprived and you are in need of a one off clean just to get it clean and tidy again, we can provide you with a one off cleaning service here at Ruby Cleaners. This service is ideal for clients that do not require cleaning on a frequent basis. This is indeed a very convenient service. It is ideal if your home just needs a freshen up. Sometimes, it is easy to get out of track in life, especially if you are so wrapped up in your career or keeping a family. Everything can get on top of you in the end and you find yourself lacking time for every day chores like cleaning for example. Cleaning, in spite of it not being an enjoyable chore at all, must be carried out at some time or another. If not, the state of your home will get worse and worse and in the end it will be really hard to get it back into shape again. Before it is too late, why don’t you hire us today and we can get started as soon as possible. Call 020 3397 8395 now for a free quote.

Deep Cleaning LondonWith our one off cleaning service, we clean every single part of your home – the entrance, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. We clean every room from head to toe until dust and grime is practically invisible. We are not satisfied until it has all gone. Our one off cleaning service might be useful for those just losing track of time or even for those doing a renovation project that need just a onetime clean. With our expertise, your home will look completely spotless. All stains will be permanently removed and so will any spotted surfaces. Your home will look like perfection once we have finished with it. we strive high so that is why the results you receive are normally outstanding. We promise you that when you hire us for a one off clean, your home will never have looked better before. You will walk into a spotlessly clean and sweet smelling home. It will look brand new again. Although you can try doing it yourself, you are taking a huge risk. If you don’t have a clue how to use cleaning products properly, you might end up worsening the state of your home. Avoid this at all costs. If not, you might end up having to pay out large sums of money to repair it all. However, with us, we make no mistakes. So call 020 3397 8395 now!

Spring Cleaning LondonRuby Cleaners is here and ready to provide you with a first class one off cleaning service. How do you benefit from using us? There are too many benefits to name. Of course, you will see wonderful results and your home will look like an oil painting. In addition, you can save lots and lots of time by letting us cleans for you and in return you can use that time on another task in your schedule. Plus, you will be dealing with an expert team of qualified cleaners. The results they provide are hard to beat. Trust us, it will be tough to find a better company out there offering better cleaning services at better prices. Stay safe and hire us today for the best results and call 020 3397 8395 to book a date now. we are always here and willing to help potential clients at all times of the day.

Our Testimonials
Geneva P. 30/07/2019
Their cleaners are professional and efficient. They are also super fast. They cleaned the entire flat in a little over an hour.
Marianne L. 26/11/2019
I was looking for a reliable, trustworthy, one-off cleaning service. A friend recommended this company. Their cleaners are quite good, and they have better rates than most of the competition.
Preston J. 23/10/2019
Ruby Cleaners cleaners are some of the most professional I've hired. They were thorough and detailed, and my flat looks immaculate.
Jason M. 20/06/2019
I originally hired Ruby Cleaners cleaners because they had cheap one-off cleaning services. They did such a good job that I decided to hire them once a month for deep cleaning. They do a great job with that too. Great company, one of the best I have seen.
Kathryn S. 15/08/2019
I hired Ruby Cleaners cleaners on the recommendation of a friend. They have low-cost one-off cleaning service, and it looks terrific.
Marlaina D. 12/11/2019
The cleaners at Ruby Cleaners are better than others I've hired in the past. They cleaned my flat last week and were incredibly thorough. I will be using their cleaning services again.
Charisma C. 08/10/2019
This cleaning service is phenomenal; the cleaners are fast, and they get the job done correctly. I would recommend this one-off cleaning service to anyone in the hood.
Casey W. 07/05/2019
I hired Ruby Cleaners to do one-off cleaning at my boyfriends flat because, frankly, I was tired. The place looks great, and their rates are very reasonable.
Donovan Ford 04/04/2019
Their cleaning crew is incredibly good at what they do. They did one-off cleaning, and it looked terrific when they finished. I would very much recommend this cleaning service.
Victoria H. 02/11/2019
My neighbour recommended this one-off cleaning service, and their prices were reasonable, so I gave them a call. They did a really great job. The house looks terrific.