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About Us

Ruby Cleaners has been operating for over a decade and offering great cleaning services. With the new season just around the corner, all of you should start thinking about giving your home a good spring clean. When the winter comes to an end, there is really nothing better than giving your home the attention it deserves. Make way for fresh smells and polished furniture. Once you hire us, everywhere in your home will gleam. Trace your finger along your worktops once we have left and you will see with your own eyes that your home will be 100% dirt and dust free. So if you seek professional cleaners in London, you can be sure that you will get a top notch service here with us.

Our mission

We want your home looking sparkling, we are happy to offer you our new and affordable cleaning services in London for you to make the most of. There is no doubt about it, when you hire us you will be more than pleased with our services for sure. So get in touch with us and call us now if you are keen on using our best services ever! We cover the Greater London areas and postcodes as well as the whole of the M25 ring.

Our commitment to the environment

We are fully committed to our environment. We make sure that every cleaning product we use is eco friendly and non toxic. So you are guaranteed a green clean. You probably don’t really think much about the environment. But you should because the environment in which we live is really important, which is why we do all we can to make sure our cleaning products are clean and green and not harmful to the eco system.

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Investing in cutting-edge cleaning technology, keeping up-to-date with regular staff training and cleaning as per the British Cleaning Councils criteria is why out company can ensure you get exceptional results.

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