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We have no doubt that if you use our cheap domestic cleaning professionals services for the first time or on a regular basis, you will view us as an essential service you just can’t do without.

We feel that will be the case because so many of our present clients now see us in this way.

Our home cleaning doesn’t just make a difference to your home but because it freeso much time up for you to dother things you want to do, it can make a great, positive difference to your life. For your home in Ruislip and even if you have a business in, say, Ruislip we deliver what we say we will deliver so you never have to worry about cleaning ever again. Whether it’s domesticleaning or cleaning buildings or whether you want office carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning products in HA4 or general domesticleaning in HA4 area, we are the cleaning agency that never lets you down and always exceeds your expectations. We are not only the best London cheap domestic cleaning professionals services but the only cheap domestic cleaning professionals services that gives London the choice and quality of cleaning it deserves.

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Our experience with Ruby Cleaners has been nothing short of fantastic over the past six months.

Tricia F.

I had a great experience with this cleaning company thanks to their wonderful team of carpet cleaners who were always willing to assist me.

Adam W.

From the moment they arrived, it was clear that this team of professionals takes pride in their work.

Megan Thompson

As someone who values cleanliness and attention to detail, I was blown away by how thoroughly Ruby Cleaners cleaned my windows.


I am extremely impressed with how well Ruby Cleaners cleaned my carpets. They are a professional and reliable company that comes highly recommended.

Kathy Carter

From start to finish, my encounter with Ruby Cleaners was nothing short of amazing. Their staff were extremely polite and helpful, and the standard of their work was brilliant without any faults. These outstanding cleaners are highly recommended!

Edwina Spot

Not only was the customer service impressive, but the cleaning results were top-notch as well. The cleaner arrived on schedule, did a thorough job, and charged a reasonable price.

Sallie Benton

We are extremely impressed with the rug cleaning services provided by Ruby Cleaners. They were thorough and efficient.


With utmost attention to detail, Ruby Cleaners has turned my dingy rugs into a source of pride for me once again.

P. Twain

A team of professionals took charge of the cleaning duties, meticulously protecting the floors and swapping out a dead lightbulb. Moreover, there was a delightful lady on board.

Victor Foams

Ruby Cleaners provided an exquisite service, and the business owner is very easy to get along with as well as precise in their work. I plan on utilizing their services again without hesitation, and it would be truly gratifying for me to endorse them to everyone who needs a reliable cleaner.


Thanks to Ruby Cleaners my parents don't hate me!! I live with my mum and dad and had the place to myself for a week while they went on holiday. I did the typical teenage thing and threw a house party - I regretted it the next morning when I found a huge alcohol stain on my folks' new sofa. I was worried about finding upholstery cleaning in Ruislip at a price that I could afford as a student, but they were affordable and the sofa was fully repaired. My parents still have no idea!

William Lopez

It is hard to know who to trust to do upholstery cleaning in Ruislip. We had had another company leave water stains on furniture in the past. This crew was careful to do a fabric test before they started to make sure it wouldn't be a problem. It was so appreciated!

Cissy J.

Ruby Cleaners has affordable, hard working domestic cleaning staff. These are trustworthy people, and always do their best cleaning for me. They arrive to my home in Ruislip and always do their best.

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We Can Help out with Your Upholstery Cleaning in Ruislip, HA4

A nice, bright clean house is always desirable.

The point is that the demands of everyday life including work, that having a consistently nice, bright, clean house is not always achievable.

That is until now, where our cleaning company available around HA4 as well as Ruislip. We can supply you with reliable and trustworthy flat cleaner to give you a house clean and an overall domesticleaning which you’ll be delighted with. It means that you can always come home to an environment which looks good and feels good in more ways than one. We’re a cleaning agency that is much in demand because we have suchigh quality flat cleaner who carry out professional house cleaning as it should be done. In addition, if you so wished, you could hire one of our other very popular commercial cleaning services including our much-praised carpet cleaning service, cleaning a leather sofa, mattress cleaning methods and upholstery treatments. So call Ruby Cleaners now on 020 3743 8608 and we’ll give you a free quote to confirm just how great our prices are. Let yourself live in a home that’s even more welcoming than ever because it’s always clean, tidy and a joy to be in.

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Professional and Reliable Upholstery Cleaners in HA4

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Hiring professional house cleaning from our cleaning agency gives you the delight of knowing your home can be always clean as long as you want it to be.

The delight of knowing this is not just because you don’t have to do the work yourself, but that it’s completely up to you how and when you want your home cleaned.

Our home cleaning service around Ruislip as well as HA4 is entirely up to you. If you want a one-off house clean, or you would like one of our London professional cleaners to come round and give you domesticleaning on a regular basis then you can have that too. You can have your whole house or apartment cleaned or you can have one room cleaned, again, you’re the one in charge and you decide what you want done. Our cleaning service around Ruislip gives you London house cleaning which is personalised because we always believe what you want is what you should have. So in addition to the choice of services we give you which includes upholstery decluttering services, carpet cleaning, mattresses cleaning service and sofa cleaning company, you can look on our decluttering services as your decluttering services.

Sought after Upholstery Cleaning Company in Ruislip, HA4

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To highlight just one of the rug cleaning services we offer in placesuch as here, Ruislip and in HA4 area, it would be our after builders cleaning.

This is a wonderful service if you’re having work done on the house or say for instance you just decorating and afterwards your home is looking a little untidy.

However, it’s especially for renovations that our builders cleaning service is especially designed for and has been much andemands across the capital. Yet our cleaning company which is also the choice cleaning contractors for a number of businesses across London, also gives you general domesticleaning which is always carried out to the highest of standards because we have the very best home cleaners who are chosen for their ability to deliver such a service. So in addition to servicesuch as cleaning wool rugs, matters cleaning professional sofa clean and carpet cleaning we will give you a housecleaning that’s like nother and you, as well as your friends and family will be so impressed by in Ruislip and in HA4 area.

Special Upholstery Cleaning Services in Ruislip that Leave Your Furniture in Mint Condition

If you’re looking for new cleaning contractors because your present cleaning company is not doing your regular office commercial cleaning services the way you want it to be, then we would be glad to be of assistance to you.

Our cleaning agency often steps in when businesses and companies have been let down by other London cleaning agencies.

Whether it’s in HA4, or Ruislip we give you reliable cleaning carried out by trustworthy oven cleaners because we know that’s what you want as well as also giving you affordable prices which keeps you under budget. We’re the commercial oven cleaners for a number of companies just as we are the domesticleaning company of choice for so many homes across the capital. With many different servicesuch as carpet cleaning, upholstered armchair cleaning, professional full house cleaning and maintenance and mattress stain cleaner, our expertise extends to many different services just as it extends to many different areas in London such as Ruislip, and HA4. So whether it’s for house cleaning or commercial cleaning, contact us and hear what we can offer you as well as you telling us what you would like us to do for you.

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