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One of the things we hear very often from our clients whether they’re around Hornsey or N8 is that it’s a delight to come home after a harday’s work and see their home so clean and tidy.

However, the real joy in hiring us is that your house is always clean.

So when you get up in the morning, when you go to bed at night or just when you’re going in the bathroom to have a shower or bath, you notice how clean everything is. You may be going in the kitchen to make something to eat and look around with the quiet satisfaction at seeing the cleanliness of the room. Our home cleaning gives you so much and considering how little our domesticleaning costs, it really is a cleaning service worthiring. Whether it’s kitchen cleaning, flat cleaning or general London house cleaning, our cleaning services maximise the enjoyment of your home. You can also hire our other servicesuch as carpet cleaning, armchair windows cleaning professionals service, clean mattress stains and professional upholstery cleaning to make sure your home is always looking at it’s very best. So call Ruby Cleaners on 020 3397 8395 and give yourself a better home.

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F. Burnett

The upholstery cleaning team from Ruby Cleaners had a magic touch. It's as if it was out with the old and in with the new in Hornsey, that they'd just replaced my furniture.

Martha Y.

I went to Ruby Cleaners for a spring cleaning and they came quickly to my place in Hornsey and got it cleaned up for me right away.

T. Scott

We've had a positive experience with this house cleaning service. Communication is open, nice give and take there. Cleaning skills are stellar, much better than our previous housekeeping service in Hornsey.


Very pleasant company in Hornsey to do business with. I have them come out for office cleaning, and when I do, they hit everything. Nothing goes unnoticed. Very impressive especially for the reasonable rates Ruby Cleaners charges.

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With Our Cleaning Services in Hornsey, N8 You Get Great Results

So, maybe this made you look at your home's interior and wish that you not only have a professional cleaning agency to clean, but wish you had the means to make your furnishings in Hornsey look better.

We might not be capable of making your sofa suddenly perfectly match your carpet, but what we can promise is that hiring our carpet and settee ironing services, will definitely make your worn furnishing look new again.

Without using any harsh chemically based cleaning products at locations in N8 area. Normally, changes in the seasons alwayseem to bring increased amounts of house cleaning requests in Hornsey; this where we find most of our one off clientstem from; these are those individuals who choose professional London cheap cleaners on a yearly basis to come ando a comprehensive home cleaning. What these house ironing services entail are cleaning crews being sent to the home to rid windows, walls, carpets and cupboards etc. of any dirt. Basically, if it’s in one’s home in N8, it will be subject to being thoroughly stripped of all grime in a single cleaning appointment.

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Same-day Cleaning Services in N8, Hornsey You Need

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In addition to professional cleaning we can give you professional deep carpet cleaner rental services.

The difference between deep carpet cleaner rental services and general domesticleaning is when you want extensive work done around the house which involves getting behind and beneath items of furniture and which includes things like washing down walls and those extra difficult jobsuch as oven cleaning and those in the bathroom.

It’s immensely satisfying as a homeowner to see where you live transformed by professional cleaning as well as it being even more satisfying when you realise the price you pay iso delightfully low. We cover areasuch as Hornsey and N8. Call us Now on 020 3397 8395 and hear how else Ruby Cleaners can give you every kind of cleaning for the lowest prices.

Get Our High Quality Cleaning Services in N8 for a Low Price

N8 carpet cleaning

Ruby Cleaners is a cleaning company worthiring.

It’s that simple and all you need to know at first because it’s what everyone else who has used our company past and present hasaid about us.

We are sure however that the more you get to know us the more you’ll like us. For instance, we have a number of different domesticommercial cleaning servicesuch acouch cleaning service, local mattress house cleaning experts, after builders cleaning and carpet cleaning. To take the example of carpet cleaning here, it’s done by professional carpet house cleaning experts with many years experience and who use environmentally friendly products. If you’re wondering what areas we cover, then to list some here, it would include Hornsey. However, we cover a number of other areaso no matter where you are in London we can be at your address whether it’s for commercial cleaning or home cleaning. If you’re in, for instance, in N8, we can be there for you. To find out about our cleaning service prices you can call us now on 020 3397 8395 and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have

Affordable Cleaning Services in Hornsey You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

It’s a mark of the high esteem we are held in, that a number of our upholstery cleaner have came to us from other cleaning companies because they want to work for us.

In the many years we’ve been in business, we’ve built up a reputation as being the pick of London cleaning agencies.

It’s because we also have the pick of London upholstery cleaner, these upholstery cleaner London based who will come to your home and give you the highest standard of cleaning you could wish for. Whether it’s getting your living room looking bright, fresh and clean or whether it’s making your kitchen or bathroom sparkling, we are the cleaning company to come to. In addition to things like kitchen cleaning we have a number of other servicesuch as professional house deep cleaning, nylon frieze rug cleaning, two seat sofa cleaning and mattresses cleaning. We cover areasuch as Hornsey and N8. We are the domesticleaning company, as well as the business cleaning contracts company, that has everything you want all one place and for the most affordable prices. We are London cleaning as it should be done because we are the London cleaning agency that always does a good job.

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