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The team was very professional and did a fantastic job handling the mess, even in the warm weather.
Amelia Lindeman08/07/2024
The professionalism and service were outstanding. Highly recommend.
James H.20/06/2024
Trustworthy, efficient, and impressively responsive. Top-notch client service.
T. Danes10/06/2024
Prompt and efficient response with quality service for the period.
Kevin Olson31/05/2024
Efficiency is at the heart of this company's operations with all requests being willingly met without delay.
Catherine Jenkins17/05/2024
Registering for an account took no time at all, followed by being connected with a capable cleaner for approval.
I am thoroughly impressed with the service, opting for deep cleaning following my move was definitely worth it as they left everything looking perfect in such a short time span.
Mandy East16/04/2024
I cannot thank RubyCleaners's team enough for their hard work and dedication.
P. Russell21/03/2024
Booking online was easy as can be, with plenty of openings available at a competitive price point. The cleaner provided top-notch assistance and had a friendly personality.
Gil T. Brainard11/03/2024
I couldn't be happier with the results of the cleaning services provided by your team.
Kevin E.01/03/2024
The class of service provided by this team speaks for itself - truly exceptional!
Peter P.19/02/2024
Excellent service, I couldn't be happier with how my carpets turned out - thank you, London Cleaners!
H. Lakeman09/02/2024
I cannot speak highly enough of the remarkable value and efficiency provided by Ruby Cleaners London.
Patricia 30/01/2024
I can't stop raving about how great Cleaners London did on my carpet. It looks absolutely stunning.
Our carpets were certainly overdue for a good clean, but luckily we found Cleaning Services London. Their cleaner was exceptional - not only did they do an incredible job, but they were also incredibly kind and finished the entire house quickly.
D. Louis18/12/2023
When my home needed a deep clean, I knew that your cleaners were the people to call - I'm delighted with how it turned out!
Our experience with our cleaner couldn't be better - her attention to detail has produced impressive results while still maintaining a fun atmosphere around the home. She's amazing!
Amanda Emerson26/07/2023
A big shoutout needs to go out to the fantastic women who did such an impeccable job deep-cleaning my residence. Not only were they incomparably talented but also extremely dependable; this is actually my third attempt at finding a great house cleaning service, so being able to find this one has left me extremely delighted!
Tom Smith06/07/2023
When I looked for a company to hire for the job, I chose Ruby Cleaners. They turned out to be the perfect choice - delivering exceptional cleaning services in no time!
Sierra Mitchell11/05/2023
Best office cleaning services we've ever had! The cleaners are efficient and incredibly patient! We appreciated the high quality service and professionalism. We will use this company in the future, and recommend to anyone we know. One of my favorite for sure.
I have dogs instead of kids, and they need cleaning after. A cleaning firm is a good choice, so I found this professional cleaners. They do home cleaning at the best value for your money, and they're good people. They even play with the dogs.
Vance Kaplan03/07/2019
Good value cleaning services from London Cleaners. They've done my whole house for less than some companies charge for one room.
Fidel Bisque10/06/2019
Cleaning Services London do all my home cleaning and it is so great not having to worry about it anymore.
Eva N.17/05/2019
I've used RubyCleaners for upholstery cleaning and other types of cleaning in the past and due to the exceptional standard of service I'll continue to do so.
Nial S.18/04/2019
Their home cleaning professionals did a fabulous job in my house. Cleaners London tackled those problem areas with ease. The whole service was completed quickly and professionally. Great job!
Jon M.13/03/2019
I used Cleaning Services London recently and had such a great experience, I've already recommended their cleaning services to others.
Giles E.08/02/2019
Thanks to Cleaning Services London I'll never have to worry about domestic cleaning tasks again. I can just palm everything off into the capable hands of their team and I know everything will be cleaned to a high standard.
H. Davis16/01/2019
Ruby Cleaning Company do our nightly office cleaning and couldn't do a better job. They are punctual, get the job done and charge a fair rate.
Emily Callen28/11/2018
The office cleaning service from Ruby Cleaning Company made wonderful sense for my business. I was happy leaving everything to their experts while we concentrated on work.
Martin S.09/10/2018
Prices at Cleaners London are very acceptable and fair, and the office staff is competent and cleaning crews are thorough.
Drake Crawford11/09/2018
I searched long and hard for the perfect flat. So when a guest left scuff marks on my gorgeous hardwood flooring, I was at a loss. I was so upset, yet was apprehensive about tackling the job myself. I realised that I required a professional cleaning service to ensure that the hardwood flooring would not become damaged due to any amateurish cleaning on my part using over the counter cleaning products. The cleaners chosen by Ruby Cleaners London were attentive and polite. They were relentless and tackled the task at hand, and the results were hardwood flooring which were sparkling and scuff free. Great job, will use again if the situation calls for it.
Charles J. DeSalvo17/08/2018
The workers are local so are familiar with the area. They were professionally, friendly and efficient and the price was fair. Ruby Cleaners London performed more than adequately.
Vanessa Bean02/08/2018
I reside in a small flat. I have since found that Cleaners London is a first class cleaning service. The workers are trustworthy and capable. My carpets have never looked better. Price was compatible with work done.
Sherri Nottingham17/07/2018
Upholstery cleaning isn't easy. When I saw what Ruby Cleaners London managed to achieve, I realised I had nothing to worry about.
Claudia M.11/06/2018
I can't thank their cleaners enough. Initially I was a bit worried about hiring a company. But after speaking to Ruby Cleaners London, I knew that they were the right company for me. They didn't let me down either. They did a tremendous amount of work in a relatively short period of time. Everything they touched turned spick and span. Their team certainly have the magic touch. I'll definitely be using this company again whenever the situation calls for it.
Noreen M.15/05/2018
The quality of the upholstery cleaning service was extremely high. It was a top-quality clean by Ruby Cleaners London.
Jessica B.27/04/2018
Cleaning Services London will certainly be my first-choice cleaning company in the future. After the service I experienced from them, I'll be using them time and time again.
G. Gutch04/04/2018
Cleaners London come over once a week to do the house cleaning that I hate doing like the bathroom and ironing. They do a much better job than I could ever do and are really lovely to have around.
Kip D.30/03/2018
RubyCleaners gave me a deep domestic cleaning service. When they said they were going to deep clean my property, I didn't expect them to go so far. It was a great service and well worth the money.
K. Solo27/02/2018
I've used a few cleaners and I can hands down say that Ruby Cleaning Company are the best in my experience. They clearly know what they are doing, are very reliable and really affordable too.
Welby Earl22/01/2018
Cleaning Services London did a rug cleaning for me recently and I can't fault the service. They were great and did a very good job.
Fabrizio Anatoly13/12/2017
Cleaning Services London are a terrific company to deal with. The home cleaning work carried out surpassed my expectations. They are a top company.
C. Smith20/11/2017
From the get go, London Cleaners and their team were very helpful, courteous, and professional. It made for a terrific home cleaning service.
Amy Y.05/10/2017
The windows at my office were so dirty, I could barely see out of them. They needed more than just a good wash so I phoned Ruby Cleaners London, a specialist in cleaning. The price for the job was very affordable. Thanks to their window cleaning services I can now enjoy actual sunshine at work.
Shaun Henry14/09/2017
My office needed a good tidying so I brought in Ruby Cleaners London. Their team of cleaners were on top of the job within moments and did a great job with my office. Thank you for your hard work.
Andrew MacCabe05/09/2017
I left my domestic cleaning duties to London Cleaners and I'm mightily glad I did. Booking with them just made sense. I found out they're a very professional outfit, and then when I got a free quote for my job, finalising the arrangements and making a booking with them was a no-brainer. It was a low-cost service that lived up to, even surpassed expectations.
Ashley Barrows21/08/2017
I contacted Ruby Cleaners London to get a quote on domestic cleaning prices, and were very pleased to hear what services they offered, and how affordable they were! I'm looking forwards to my next cleaning with them!
Laura C.28/07/2017
I needed to have some upholstery steam cleaned, but wasn't familiar with many companies here in London who provided that service. I found Ruby Cleaners London online through some very helpful customer reviews about house cleaning, and I wish I had known about this company sooner. The service they provided with the discount price I paid was well worth it.
Rachel P.27/06/2017
I don't have to regret investing in professional rug cleaning companies anymore. I will use London Cleaners for domestic cleaning services as they have lots of special offers.
P. Owen01/06/2017
I have had a lot of cleaners in and out of my home. Ruby Cleaners stands out due to the quality of work and fast turnaround time. I am always left happy and looking forward to the next time we do business together.
Jeff Hannigan25/04/2017
My cats and dogs enjoy making a mess. RubyCleaners have certainly put them in their place with a great cleaning job. See you next week.
Booked a deep cleaning service and got a discount! It was a cheap and top-tier service! Will hire Cleaning Services London again!
Natalie Y.10/03/2017
Used their one-off cleaning service in London and now I am planning on hiring London Cleaners on a regular basis. They delivered a great service at an affordable cost!
Low-cost and dependable rug cleaning! Will certainly hire London Cleaners again!
David F.16/01/2017
My old landlord was very pleased with the end of lease cleaning which Ruby Cleaning Company provided me with. Love every bit of his appreciative expression, and even more of the deposit I got back without any arguments. Great service at a cheap rate!
T. White07/12/2016
Had a carpet cleaning service from London Cleaners to deal with the dire state of the carpets at home. They sent a team over; they did some excellent steam cleaning and were finished before I knew it. Great help, very cheap as well!
Riley T.22/11/2016
I don't want to get my hands dirty but I want to live in a healthy environment. That is why I hire Ruby Cleaners on a regular basis. Their cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning agents and steam cleaning equipment. This is the best cleaning company in London.
Jeremy P.07/11/2016
When your home begins to look like a tip, it's probably time to call Ruby Cleaners London. They do home cleaning very well and for a low cost!
Rudy L.28/10/2016
The curtains in my kitchen were all dusty and covered in grease stains but I couldn't just wash them as the fabric didn't allow for such a treatment. So I booked the curtain cleaning services of Ruby Cleaners London instead. They handled my curtains with care and managed to remove all stains and dust. I think I'll be hiring them again soon for other cleaning jobs around my house.
Martin White28/09/2016
Brilliant work by Ruby Cleaning Company! They had my home clean in no time after they arrived at my place the other day. They came and did the work and left me smiling at the job well done. And all that at a very, very affordable price! Love the work!
I live in a fairly large house due to how many children I have, but me and my husband are still on fairly modest incomes, so looking for a decent cleaning company was tough. A colleague of mine recommended Ruby Cleaners London, and although I was a little hesitant, I gave them a try. What can I say? I was amazed by everything you can get for such a low price. They arrived at our home exactly on time, and got all the work done much sooner than they had predicted. Would definitely use again!
Amy J.17/11/2015
I've been wondering who to call to clean my house for a long time. There's been a few different companies I've called in, but no one has really impressed me with the house cleaning on offer. But now that I've found Ruby Cleaning Company, I must say that I'm really impressed. We talked about what I needed on the phone and before I knew it, their team was already done. Great prices too. Services like this really restore your faith in everything.
Tammy S.05/11/2015
I love getting my office cleaned by Ruby Cleaners and their cleaners. They have enough experience to give me confidence in their abilities, and they always do a brilliant job, leaving nothing forgotten. This is a wonderful service that can't be compared to!
Jane B.14/10/2015
RubyCleaners did great work on my upholstery. I had a wine stain and general dirt that I just couldn't life, but the cleaner I hired from here did it quickly and without any problems. Would recommend!
The only company I call when I need a one-off clean is Ruby Cleaners. They will do the job for me fully and quickly, leaving no trace of mess, dust, dirt or whatever. Every time they have come to my home to do some cleaning chores they have done the job well and never taken too long. If you want the best cleaning service in the area, then they are the people to call.
Penelope Whitehouse24/09/2015
Off the back of a few recommendations from friends and family, I decided to make a booking with Cleaning Services London. Considering the amount of work that needed doing, the price of the job was very reasonable and I was delighted with the results.
A big thank you to the crew from London Cleaners. The rugs in our office were looking outdated and needed a complete overhaul. You did a splendid job at getting the rugs looking as beautiful as before. I am thrilled with the results. Excellent cleaners, absolute professionals.
Ben R.19/08/2015
Fantastic company! I am so pleased with London Cleaners! A friend recommended them for their sofa cleaning services and I am so happy I chose to hire them! I would highly recommend them to everyone!
Nia E.07/08/2015
If I had to describe Cleaning Services London in one word it would be incredible. The hard work they did to get my office looking well is amazing. They got all the cleaning work done in one day, much quicker than I expected. I anticipated a good clean, but they went beyond that. I am amazed with the work they did for my firm and I'm sure they could do the same for you.
Leanne Trevors31/07/2015
I have a commercial kitchen that is regularly cleaned by Ruby Cleaning Company. It's a busy kitchen and a tough job to do efficiently. My chefs can only do so much and manage to keep their workstations clean. But the heavy duty cleaning is an effortless job for the professional cleaners. They come with everything they need to meet the challenges we throw at them. Not once have they let me down.
T. Victor14/07/2015
As I worked away a lot I didn't have time to clean my home very often. I recently hired cleaning assistants from Cleaning Services London and they have done a wonderful job of keeping the place clean and tidy. The rates are inexpensive and the work done competently.
Virginia W.03/07/2015
My mum and I are using Ruby Cleaners all the time. We just keep it simple and call them up every time we decide to clean the house completely. There is a perfect explanation to this all. Women are not slaves. It is hard to clean the whole house, come on! We just like to do other things, I like to hang out with my friends, and my mum likes to read her books, cleaning just gets in the middle between us and our business. So we use the agency's cleaning services to maintain a healthy house and keep dad happy.
Karen P.23/06/2015
Can I please leave a quick 'thank you' for RubyCleaners? People, this cleaning company is amazing, I want to recommend it to all of you. It is just great to know that they can clean any kind of mess to the best standard. They do domestic cleaning, so I called their office after I was alone at home for a few days around Christmas. I really had to clean up the house before my parents would turn up. They were so quick and simple about it. They came along and the house looked even better than it did before my parents left. I even got a compliment from them for being a lovely daughter. If they only knew.
Emma F.17/06/2015
I run an office block locally that is home to several small businesses. As part of our maintenance programme we have employed the cleaning services of Ruby Cleaners to undertake regular cleans of the office spaces. It's a big responsibility as each office unit is locked when not in use and privacy is essential. This is a cleaning company you can trust 100% to provide a discrete and professional cleaning service. They are always well-equipped and in the two years we've used them, I've not had one cause for complaint!
D. McIlroy10/06/2015
My son doesn't take good care of his flat and I was finding myself uncomfortable when visiting, as I had to sit on dirty settees. Wanting to do something about this, I made him hire Ruby Cleaners London. The staff eagerly helped with the problem and made his sofas something I'm happy to sit on again. My only concern is that they did such a good job he will rely on them to help with his cleaning rather than do it himself.
Robin Cooper26/05/2015
My mum's sofas needed cleaning and so we hired London Cleaners for help. I couldn't be there when the cleaners were working, so I was worried about leaving my mum alone with strangers. This turned out to be ill-founded though, because when I arrived later, my mum's sofas were clean and she was telling me about the cleaners who she had gotten along with really well. I am very impressed with what they did for her and I know that if my sofas need cleaning, I will call them up for help.
Fred Rushton15/05/2015
I worked with London Cleaners when I was heading the estate services for a leading corporation. The team has a keen eye for detail and also provides valuable suggestions with regards to office cleaning. The valuables of the corporation were handled with utmost care. The floor was spotlessly cleaned. I highly recommend their cleaning service.
Tracy Wayne08/05/2015
My oven was full of grease and food crumbs after the party we recently hosted at our home. I wondered how I would sort out the mess that the oven was in. My friend recommended that I approached Ruby Cleaning Company for house cleaning. The cleaners did a fantastic job in reinstating my oven to its former glory. The team even called a couple of days later to check if everything was okay - very friendly service!
Adrian Green02/05/2015
Ruby Cleaners have helped me throughout my entire stay in the apartment I rented. I am a busy individual but I have three kids and common accidents like spilled coca cola on the carpet, dirty marks on the wall, yellow stains in the bath tub and burnt cooker happen. I cannot stay at home and clean the mess all the time, but this cleaning company has helped me out a lot. They have same day quotes and a friendly cleaning staff; they can come when I call them over and it has always been a pleasure to return home after their team has worked there.
Mrs Anne-Marry Clark27/04/2015
I cannot sing Ruby Cleaners London enough praises. I used to think that hiring a cleaner was really expensive and tedious, until my daughter persuaded me to give professional cleaning a try! What can I say! I have never looked back! I am so impressed with the cleaning work, it is unbelievable. Thank you so very much!
I have always wondered what the fuss about hiring a cleaner is! It's extra money out of your pocket and you don't always get to see results. Boy, was I wrong! The cleaner from Ruby Cleaning Company who visited me was super professional and worth every penny. She even gave me tips and tricks to be able to maintain my home clean until she returned!
I'm the owner of a big office. My staff members do keep the place tidy, but sometimes you just need some professional help. I use the regular services of RubyCleaners to clean three times a week. The cleaners are sensational and really pay attention to detail when cleaning. They are respectful of our work space and happy to do any specific cleaning requests when they come up. I'm so grateful for their positive work attitude and professional approach.
Jayden F.24/03/2015
I run a home business that provides arts and crafts activities at events and birthdays for kids. This is a super fun job, but it means a lot of messy chaos. From paint spills to glitter explosions when preparing activities, sometimes my home office looks like 20 kids ran rampant throughout it. When I need to, I enlist the help of Cleaners London to give it a deep clean. They send out a professional cleaner and within an hour the work space looks as good as new, all glitter gone!
Jessica M.13/03/2015
Thank you so much to Cleaning Services London for giving our home such a thorough clean. I love seeing the carpets so clean and the kitchen look so sparkling. You guys did a fantastic job and I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Thomas T.02/03/2015
I wanted surprised my wife with a cleaning service whilst she was on holiday. Ruby Cleaning Company were a great company to deal with. The friendly and helpful office staff organised a cleaning appointment, and gave me a quote that I was happy with. The cleaners didn't stop all day until the house was spotless. My wife was impressed with the results and now continues to have the house cleaned every week.
Matt Parsons20/02/2015
I had been away visiting an elderly relation and on my arrival home couldn't believe how dirty the house had got. I immediate booked for a home cleaning service just because I couldn't face the work myself. I know it was lazy, but I wanted a treat. I hired London Cleaners who were able to call next day. The cleaners did a superb cleaning job on the entire house. The place shone and smelt so fresh and clean. Thanks so much.
J. Davies11/02/2015
I had broken my arm so could do a lot around the house. I decided to use a cleaner until I was better. I booked a weekly home clean from RubyCleaners. They were very helpful and did a terrific job on my home. Although my arm is better I still use them every week as they do such a good job. The place always looks clean and tidy.
Maryann Cruz04/02/2015
I was happy with the upholstery cleaning service I had recently from Cleaners London. I was fed up of the curtains, sofa and chairs looking dusty so opted to have them cleaned professionally. I booked for a representative to call and take a look at the furnishings and give me a quote. I was happy with the price and made arrangements for the deep clean. The cleaners were qualified and knew what methods would give them a good clean and make them look clean and smell fresh again. The results were brilliant, and the upholstery in my home looked so amazingly clean.
Eloise Ortiz28/01/2015
After a lot of discussion between myself and my partner with regards to how to go about the home cleaning, we settled on hiring in the professionals. We both work and finding the time to get it done was proving tough. We were recommended Ruby Cleaners by a friend and for all intents and purposes, that seems to have been an excellent suggestion. In a short space of time, we've discovered that the home is incredibly clean and we've far more time to ourselves. All in all, a great experience, they are highly recommended by us as well.
S. Sherman07/01/2015
I am very pick when it comes to cleaning companies as I have seen from personal experience that most don't match the claims they make on their websites. So it was a pleasant surprise when this company not only met my expectations of them, but went above and beyond. There are some telltale signs of a good cleaning professional such as the vacuum marks on the back of your upholstery and extremely clean grouting. When they were done cleaning, Cleaning Services London had all these signs and more; which is why now I know that I will be calling them again soon!
When you have once used Ruby Cleaning Company, you would never want to use anyone else for your cleaning jobs. Their cleaners are not only highly trained and professional, they also use extremely safe and environment friendly cleaning products that is good for you, your family and the whole planet. Because I have little kids who put their mouths against windows and sofas, it was especially important to me that there were no harmful chemicals used for cleaning my house. This is why I would highly recommend this company to everyone who wants to get their house cleaned by a responsible crew.
I have a lot of pets in my home and I really needed a good spring clean. I wanted to get a skilled company to do this but due to the animals I would need them to use only eco-friendly substances and tools to ensure the safety of my pets and the environment. I soon discovered Ruby Cleaners London who are an eco-friendly domestic cleaning specialist. I liked them because they were also passionate about the environment, very professional, reliable and friendly.
Christian F.24/11/2014
I didn't have the time to do much in the way of cleaning before I left my last rented property and I asked RubyCleaners to come and give the place a full clean. The cleaners they sent did all the hard jobs and they managed to get some mould out of the shower that I hadn't been able to do anything about in over a year of living there. They left the oven immaculately clean and they did a lot of other great bits of work like cleaning the fridge, the cupboard shelves and the window panes. I would definitely recommend this cleaning company to others.
A. Roberts05/11/2014
My upholstery was starting to look bad and I knew it needed a professional clean so I called Ruby Cleaning Company as they have a pretty good reputation around my area. They sent someone straight out to me and I was really impressed by how hard they worked to get my upholstery looking as good as new. It was done swiftly and well and I could not have been any happier with how my upholstery looked when they were finished with it. It was affordable and a great all round service from a polite, professional and reliable company that I would recommend to anyone!
Julie W.09/10/2014
I like to stay on top of house cleaning tasks, but when it comes to carpet stains I never take a risk with DIY strategies and solutions. We have some beautiful, expensive and antique carpets around the house and when we moved to the city one of the priorities was to find a cleaning company that specialises in carpet cleaning and stain removal. London Cleaners was a name we heard often and after a phone interview with the team I was convinced they were going to be great. I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fantastic service.
It is definitely worth shopping around when looking for any kind of professional service. For example; when I wanted to hire a cleaner, I must have tried at least a half-dozen other services before I found one that was worth the money. Ruby Cleaners London has reasonable prices, but I got way more than I paid for. Friendly and well equipped cleaning staff, and a high standard of customer service makes for an excellent experience. I wasn't sold on the idea of professional cleaners until I got in touch with this company, but a picture's worth a thousand words. Give them a try, and see the results for yourself!
Oscar Casey21/08/2014
As a teacher, I never found the time to devote enough time to maintaining my home as I would have liked. Between waking up early to go to school and staying up late to grade work and make lesson plans all I ever wanted to do was sleep. I was trying to find a reliable yet affordable cleaning company when I stumbled across Ruby Cleaners London. Now when I come home, I can put my feet up and just relax instead of feeling frustrated because of the mess around me. This really was the best decision I've ever made and it didn't cost me and arm and a leg either!
Jess F.16/07/2014
The worst thing about renting is having to clean everything thoroughly at the end of a tenancy. This was a job that I always struggled to do properly as you need to buy all sorts of luring singing products, and know how to use them. However engaging professional cleaners for a very reasonable price saved me time, money and a lot of stress when I last moved out of a rented apartment. RubyCleaners brought all the items they needed to get the place clean and tidy and they cleaned the oven, the windows, the skirting boards and pretty much every nook and cranny.
Marcus C.30/06/2014
I had spent 6 months abroad with work, and had left my home locked up and unused. I knew it would need a good clean, but didn't have a lot of spare time as I was working. A friend suggested I use a local company called Ruby Cleaners. I called and booked a general clean and was amazed at the good service I received. I would certainly suggest anybody contemplating hiring a cleaning company to do the housework to contact this firm. They cleaning company were excellent from start to finish, and the cleaners were polite and hardworking and great to deal with.
Andrea Francis12/06/2014
You will find that one of the best ways to battle the stress of the house work is to avoid doing it at all. Getting a cleaner in has made me a lot more relaxed over all, and I am sure that it would do the same for anyone else. In many ways, getting Cleaners London in on a regular basis has made my life a lot easier, as I am free to concentrate on more important things than dusting. Whilst some may feel like there is little more important than dusting, I am pleased to have been freed of it myself!
Judy Green14/05/2014
Having used a couple of cleaning services previously, which ended pretty badly because of thefts, I am pretty specific and overbearing when it comes to using a new cleaner. However, Ruby Cleaners certainly stood up to the challenge, and ensured that I was able to get exactly what I wanted; an honest, hard working team, who were big on service and great on price. I can't recommend them highly enough, as the value was excellent given how dedicated they seemed to be to the job at hand. A great group, and a great service, amazing work.
Michael C.29/04/2014
A big well done and a huge thank you to the four lovely cleaners that came to do all of my end of lease cleaning. I really didn't have time to get the house up to standard so I had to hire a cleaning company and I was very confused about who to call. After asking for a few quotes I went with Cleaning Services London because their website looked the most professional! I can recommend them very highly because from start to finish they were everything that I was looking for in a cleaning company and much more. Very professional and respectful as well as being skilled, experienced and hardworking.
If you are looking for a cleaning company then look no further. I hired Cleaners London and I never looked back. They have been cleaning both my home and office for many years and I am pleased each and every time. The cleaners are consistent and that is what I love the most. Each and every time all I am left with is a clean, fresh environment and I have been charged the same since the beginning, so there were no sneaky price increases. This company is what it claims to be - cheap, reliable, friendly, helpful, consistent, professional and perfect!
Tina McGuire27/03/2014
We're all very much impressed with the team form Ruby Cleaners London here at the Dixon house. If anyone else out there is looking for an incredibly good, professional clean, with a level of efficiency that is hard to beat, then you have found your company! Seriously, they are amazing, and I will be using them for a long time to come, should their excellence remain intact!
J. Dixon05/03/2014
Sofa and upholstery cleaning are specialized tasks that demand certain cleaning agents and materials that I simply didn't have on hand. I didn't know how best to go about cleaning my dirty sofas and couches and hired Cleaning Services London to provide a thorough cleaning service. They were able to efficiently clean my upholstery and furniture. They removed the dust and grim that had absorbed into the fibres of the material. They truly rejuvenated my furniture and I would definitely hire them in the future and recommend them to anybody needing upholstery cleaning services. What a great service!
Laura K.18/02/2014
I didn't know that a cleaning company could be this good! I've used quite a few cleaning companies in the past and I've never really been that impressed with the service I've received. I needed some help getting my house into shape for a party and so I called Ruby Cleaners London following the recommendation of a friend. I wasn't really expecting that much but I was just so impressed! This is a really professional, thorough and experienced service and I couldn't be happier! This is the only cleaning company I'll use from now on and I'll never have to worry again!
I never thought that I'd be the sort of person to hire a domestic cleaner for my house, but after the birth of my daughter I just couldn't keep up with the housework. At first I felt embarrassed by hiring a house cleaner, but the folks at Cleaners London were really understanding! I decided to hire a cleaner as a one-off to see if I liked the service, and I was shocked at the thorough and brilliant job she managed! Now I have my house cleaned once every fortnight and the results are just out of this world. Thanks so much for giving me the time to be with my daughter!
Claire K.17/12/2013
Having been called away long-term with work I decided to let my home out while I was out of the country. Unfortunately, having cleared all my possessions out they day before tenants were due to move in I realised my home was in need of bringing up to standard for renting! In a bit of a panic I called Ruby Cleaners, who were re-assuring, helpful and importantly at my door that day to provide one of their end-of-tenancy cleans. They made it sparkle like I didn't know it could! The team were helpful, friendly and very professional, I would highly recommend!
D. Franks29/11/2013
Using a cleaner has literally made my life so much easier that I can hardly express it in words. The freedom from dusting and sweeping that I feel is quite unbelievable, and I am really rather happy to say that it is all down to Ruby Cleaners. They have made the boring tasks that I previously dreaded disappear, and for a very low price! I would recommend this lot to anyone and everyone, especially those who cannot stand the tedium that is domestic cleaning!
H. Grant19/11/2013
Making light work of the cleaning has never been my forte, but unfortunately it has never been the strength of any of my girlfriends either, so I have always used cleaners. I'm quite specific in how I want things done, but don't really have the time or ability to do them, so it is nice to have a company like Ruby Cleaners on board to ensure that things are just the way I like them. They do everything, and extremely quickly as well, so that it is all sorted out by the time I get home from work; perfect!
H. Lloyd09/11/2013
I am really terrible at keeping my flat clean. I am just bad at it. My friends and family know this and it had sort of become a running joke about me. Finally, I relented and asked around about cleaning services. The name that kept coming up was Cleaning Services London. And with good reason. Since I've been in touch, my life has been bliss. It's not as though they're here every day, but they do such a good job that I can keep on top of the little things between visits. My friends aren't laughing now, they're asking me how I do it. Cleaning Services London, every time.
F. Ryan29/10/2013
It was just before we were going on holiday and we had a series of minor accidents which left the house a mess. Obviously we didn't want to miss our flights, so we put in a call to Ruby Cleaning Company and they were here so quick. They not only cleaned up the mess from the accidents, but they went beyond and left the place cleaner that I think it ever has been. They were so cheap and so quick that we ended up giving them a massive tip. Hope the guys at Ruby Cleaning Company spent it well, they earned it!
Z. Soto17/10/2013
I have often wondered how I managed without RubyCleaners. Ever since I hired a member of their team to come to my house once a week to clean it top to bottom, I have always had a clean home with minimal effort. How did I manage beforehand when I had to do things myself and things never looked as good? It doesn't matter though, because now I have them to clean every nook and cranny in my address and leave me with perfectly clean abode, all for a great price.
Hannah Martindale07/10/2013
I have spent many years tackling my domestic chores and it got to the point where I gave up. Cleaning and scrubbing everything in my home had started to be too arduous and so I almost resigned to living in a messy home. My sister told me I shouldn't let this happen though, because of Ruby Cleaners London. She said they were a professional cleaning firm who could assist me with all my household tasks and she was right. I hired a cleaner to come once and week and this has resulted in my abode looking better than ever. I can now relax and still have a great home, thanks to them.
I knew little about cleaning up a home when I moved into my apartment so I was hoping to get some help. Ruby Cleaners London provided this and were there for me every step of the way. They gave me advice and guidance so I knew what I wanted so when I requested their services I got a great deal. Their staff have continuously worked hard when they have come to my home, respecting me and my belongings while they attend to their duties. My flat looks great and your home can be too, with their help.
Shay McDermott16/09/2013
I have never asked for help when it comes to cleaning before so I wasn't sure how a cleaning company such as Ruby Cleaners would work but it was better than I could have hoped. They helped me every step of the way, beginning over the phone, as they answer my questions and gave me advice. They ensured that I got the best deal possible when hiring their staff and I was impressed with what I got. Their cleaner came to my home ready to tackle every bit of dirt and disorganisation and they eliminated all of it, leaving me with a perfect, spotless home.
L Wong05/09/2013