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23Jun 2015

Cleaning Hacks That Make House Cleaning Chores Easier and Faster

Home cleaning in Hackney doesn’t have to be difficult. Sure, you may have better things to do and you can make every excuse under the sun to keep delaying your domestic cleaning for another day, but the fact remains that if you don’t eventually get round to it, very soon you’ll be living in a pigsty. Keep your house in tip-top condition all year round by following these hints and tips.

1.    Little and often does the trick.
It’s much better to tackle one or two cleaning tasks at a time in E5. Don’t attempt to do everything in one go, because you’ll be much more likely to get tired and fed up and pack it in before you’ve completed the task. If you do little and often, you’re more likely to get better results, as opposed to doing multiple tasks and rushing through them doing a substandard job because you want to be doing something else.

2.    Create a list.
Plan and organise your house cleaning in the E8 area by creating a list and more importantly, sticking to it. List everything you want to achieve in order of importance, and then get to the most gruelling, time-consuming jobs first. As you progress down the list, the workload should gradually become easier and you should find yourself having a newly found energy and vigour to complete everything quickly and to a high standard.

3.    Make the process fun!
Although this may sound ridiculous, there’re always things that you can do to make the time pass by quicker. Put the television on in the background or turn on the radio and blast out your favourite song while you are house cleaning in Hackney.

4.    Kitchen cleaning.
With grease, splatters and food and drink stains, the kitchen is possibly one of the hardest rooms in the house in E9 to clean, but one of the most important. A breeding ground for different types of bacteria, it’s essential that you give your kitchen a good thorough deep clean every so often, not only for aesthetics but to sanitize the area, preventing any adverse effects to your health. The good thing is you won’t have to use any fancy products to get the job done. When oven cleaning, baking soda and vinegar should be sufficient to do the trick. Remove all the racks from inside your oven and clean these separately with some dish soap and by putting in some elbow grease. Next, make a paste from equal parts baking soda and water and slather onto every interior surface of your oven. Scrub as you apply, then leave to settle, preferably overnight, and leave it to work its magic. Then spray with some white vinegar, leave for an hour or so and then scrub the paste away and your oven should be gleaming. For worktops and food preparation surfaces, don’t use anything strong with toxic chemicals such as bleach. Use antibacterial cleaners to spray these surfaces and give them a wipe down.

5.    Windows.
Your windows are a very important aspect of your house in Hackney, as their cleanliness can dictate how much light enters your room, which can really affect the appearance of your house and how you see certain things. A light and airy room will not only benefit its overall appearance but will also make you pick up on other issues, such as dirt and dust which you can then get rid of. All you need to clean your windows is some scrunched up paper and a soapy water solution. Scrub your windows with the solution, buff with the paper, then rinse and wipe dry. Repeat this on the outside of your windows for fantastic results.

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