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23 October 2020

Best Cleaning and Maintenance Ideas for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring at home is a firm favourite, many households have it or have had it at some point. It’s a practical choice of flooring to have at home, it’s easy to clean and it tends to be hard-wearing but the quality of the Vinyl will determine how long it actually lasts as some are of high quality and others tend to be thin and flexible, so if want a vinyl that lasts then its good idea to invest in a higher quality Vinyl rather than a cheap one.

If you have a vinyl floor at home you may be wondering how best to keep it clean and what methods to use so that you do not ruin the texture or fade the shade of the vinyl? There are things that you should avoid when it comes to cleaning vinyl and so these handy top tips may help you along.

 Top 7 tips for vinyl floor cleaning.

1.    Sweep or Hoover first! Be careful with vacuum cleaners though make sure you adjust the brush accordingly and set it to sweep mode as vacuums can tear vinyl if they get caught.

2.    Bristle brush the rubble! Oftentimes debris and dust sticks to vinyl and does not easily sweep away, use a bristle brush to help remove those stubborn bits of dirt away.

3.    Daily mopping! Mop regularly or even daily if you can as it will help to keep it looking at its best but use a light solution for this as you could end up fading the colour, a little washing powder in water offers a quick freshen up.

4.    Week Bleach! Only use harsh chemicals once per week as they can fade the vinyl, if you are using regular household bleach make sure that it is diluted really well so that is doesn’t take the colour out of the vinyl, otherwise stick with general disinfectant or a much gentler floor cleaning product.

5.    Warm not hot! Try not to put scalding water onto Vinyl as it can change the shape of it or make little air bubble appear, allow the water to stand for 10 minutes before you begin.

Wise thinking!

Now Vinyl is only hardwearing when a good quality Vinyl is purchased but even the best quality vinyl has fallen victim to kitchen appliances, due to the sheer heavyweight of them. Kitchen appliances can easily tear vinyl when moved around, so try not to drag any appliance when trying to mop around or underneath as you may tear the floor, and get someone to help you to lift them instead.

When to use Special cleaning methods?

When accidents strike only then should you consider these special cleaning techniques, they are harsh and they are not the best to use on vinyl but sometimes we don’t have a choice.

Paint spills! Wine spills! Bloodstains! Stinky Milk! Leaky washer! Limescale! Mould!

All of those mentioned above plus many other things create a panicky situation where we are faced with more extreme measures when it comes to cleaning. On those rare occasions, a little more than a regular clean may be required however as long as it’s not done often, you may just get away with it, just be wise when using any harsh cleaning methods as it can be damaging to both floor or even health.

•    Clean up the mess first of all, try to remove as much as possible with a cloth and water.

•    Try to lift stubborn stains with a bristle brush as best you can.

•    Use a neat vinyl floor cleaning product on the affected area only.

•     If the stain will not go away try isopropyl alcohol, white spirits or acetone but use it sparingly.

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