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04Sep 2013

Easy Cleaning Habits for Keeping Your Car Neat and Tidy

There are hundreds of ways to clean a car, but keeping your car looking neat and tidy in Ilford is down to you! If you feel as though your car is always filled with clutter but you don’t know how to stop it getting there then look no further! There are many easy car-cleaning habits you can incorporate into your everyday life to keep your car from getting too messy...

1)    Keep a plastic bag in your car for rubbish. It’s tempting to just throw discarded chocolate wrappers, receipts and empty drinks cans to the floor – after all, you’ll be picking it up eventually right? Wrong! Keeping a bag especially for rubbish will keep your car less cluttered for longer. Try to break the habit of dumping your junk in any old place and stick it in a designated bag!

2)    Eating in your car is the top reason for it looking less-than-great. No matter how careful you or your passengers are, eating on the go is bound to leave crumbs, stains and even lingering odours. If you’re serious about keeping your pride-and-joy clean then make it known there is no eating allowed in the car!

3)    Another top tip for keeping out dirt and grime is to give your shoes a shake before settling into the driver’s seat. Your shoes will pick up and track in lots of dirt in Ilford, IG1, so get into the habit of shaking off any excess or loose dirt that will otherwise come off onto your car interior.

4)    Never underestimate the importance of vacuuming your car! Whether or not you spend a lot of time on the move, your car will inevitably pick up dirt, dust and grime, so keep on top of it with a quick vacuum once a week. If it’s extension cords and heavy vacuum cleaners that are putting you off getting into the habit then it’s worth investing in a portable vacuum. If you aren’t going to use it in the house, keep it fully charged in the back of your car in case of emergencies!

5)    Make sure you deal with spills and stains as quickly as possible. If your passenger spills a coffee try to get the soiling dealt with as early as you can (though remember to stay safe when driving, stain-removal on the motorway is not recommended!)  Blot to lift excess liquid and try using warm water with a dash of washing-up liquid to lift the stain and stop it from setting.

6)    Getting your car washed never really seems to take priority, but it’s worth the time and effort to keep your car looking as-good-as-new. Try to incorporate a car-wash into your weekly activities, for example, when going on the food shop take a detour and drive through a car wash. It’ll be an easier habit to get into if you associate it with other chores, such as getting petrol in the IG2.

7)    If you’re a bit of a hoarder chances are your car in Ilford will accumulate a lot of junk over a small amount of time. If this is the case for you, make sure that when you leave your car you take something away with you, whether it’s rubbish or an important document, try not to leave it for another day. This is a great way to keep on-top of exactly what you store in your car.

8)    Avoid using your doors, cup-holders and glove compartment to store unnecessary items. If there are items you want to permanently keep in your car, designate them a home. Make sure they’re always returned to their place and that nothing else goes there! This will help to keep your car clutter-free.