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03Jun 2015

Amazing Tricks for Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning the watermarks on the tiles, mirrors, shabby bathroom corners and the like in your home in Croydon can be tiresome. It would be nice to learn the know-how of cleaning the bathroom spotlessly without the toil and labour. There are many options available in our very own home that can make the task easier for you.

•    Cleaning essentials – Vinegar, spray bottles, baking soda, mild detergent, sponge, baking powder, gloves, scrub, tea towel and old toothbrushes are some of the easy finds around the house. A good cleaning solution can be a great investment as well. These items will make domestic cleaning in Croydon, CR2 easily manageable.

•    Dealing with the hair – Hair can be a nightmare for the person who has to clean the bathrooms. A simple solution for this is available, wet a rubber glove and wipe your hand onto the surfaces to collect all the hair. The hair tends to stick to the glove, hence leaving the surface hair-free.

•    Bathtubs and basins – The scum collection around the drain hole is a disaster. Fill the tub and sink with water, add mild detergent and leave it overnight. Drain the water and use a sponge soaked in water and vinegar mix to clean the scum. The marks and dirt will come off easily. For a quicker cleaning option, add some soda bicarbonate/baking soda to boiling water and pour onto the sinkhole edges. The cleaning in CR0 becomes much easier soon after.

•    Faucets and slabs – The faucets are prone to marks which make them look old and dirty. The joints can face some algae growth due to the water collection between them. Use an old toothbrush to clear off the visible dirt. Using a lemon wedge, rub the juice all over the faucet and wipe with a sponge. Use a dry tea towel and wipe the moisture off. For the slabs, use a metal scrubber and a surface cleaner to get rid of the dirt that is collected on the joints between the wall and the slab. Home cleaning can seem simple with these tricks.

•    Showerheads and shower curtains – The showerheads need to be descaled often to prevent the salt deposition and awkward shower direction. Remove the head and soak it in a diluted vinegar mix overnight. This will loosen the deposition and allow you to enjoy the uninterrupted shower. Shower curtains face mildew more often. If your curtain is machine washable, you may wash it there; however, if they are not, you will need a sponge soaked in a diluted bleach solution. Move your hand in one stroke motion and get rid of the mildew in your bathroom in the CR2 district.

•    Mirrors and commodes – Use a spray liquid/solution on the mirrors and clean it off with the help of crinkled newspaper. The mirrors will be clear and as good as new. There are a number of fog-free solutions available on the market; you may use them to prevent fogging of the surfaces during cold days. Boric powder and water make a tough stain cleaner for the commodes. Leave the solution in the commode for 3-4 hours and use a strong brush to clean off all the stains, you may have to flush twice to get rid of all the solution. This cleaning activity can be divided as chores for all members to reduce your effort.

•    Cleaning agencies – There are a lot of players on the market who specialize in these cleaning services in Croydon. They have time-efficient, neat and pocket-friendly packages available. Their tested methods and trained staff provide the best results in hours. It is a great investment to allow professional cleaners to take over the house cleaning job.

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