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05Nov 2013

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Help You Retain Your Deposit

Moving to a new home or relocating your office in Paddington is an exciting occasion full of opportunity, hope, excitement, fun and anticipation for the new life you will live. Everything can change with a move, such as your surroundings, associations, job, hobbies, lifestyle and more will all become different. When you enter the building for the first time after your fully purchase, you will be eager to begin your new life there and started decorating. You want to unpack and arrange your goods once they are inside and make it a place where you feel safe, comfortable and happy. When you enter the threshold things can quickly turn sour if the building is messy, dirty, dusty, bestrewn with stains and generally looking shoddy. You expected that the previous tenants would have cleaned everything up before they left but if they don’t you entire move can be ruined.

Arriving at a clean new building is something we expect and so it is only fair that we ensure this for others. When you leave your building in the W2 area you will be very busy with packing, shifting heavy goods, making arrangements, coordinating everything and so cleaning can be the last thing on your mind. However, you must guarantee that your old abode looks it’s best when you leave, as you expect the same of your new address.

Obtaining the time to do your post tenancy cleaning can be tough but easily achieved if you hire the right help. There will likely be several cleaning services in your area that can come and wash and dust every part of your home, meaning that the job gets done and you can concentrate fully on your move. You can go the other route and hire a removal firm who will sort and pack your goods, shift your furniture and transport everywhere, so you can dedicate yourself to clamming. Hiring both will give you the best result and require little work on your behalf but it can be expensive.

If you have to handle your own cleaning then you should begin cone all your goods are packed. This is because everything will be out of the way, allowing you to reach every part of the house in Paddington, W2. While cleaning you may also find items you wish to take with you so it can act as a final check. Don’t forget to empty all of your possessions out of every room. As well as a basement, attic, shed, etc. Before you begin your cleaning you should go out and obtain all the necessary cleaning agents, as well as clothes and tools. Create a schedule to stay on track and enlist other members of your household or office.

The floors of your residence should be given special attention because these can suffer the most. They can quickly get dirty and full of stains so after spending quite some time in the building, they can be desperately need cleaning. Vacuum every carpet and wash every floor until they look their best and apply the correct detergents to any stains. Cut loose carpet threads and restore small patches of discolouring with acrylic paint.

Every window should be wiped thoroughly until they shine and work surfaces and the bathroom should be disinfected. Clean cupboard inside and out, and that includes top and underneath. Don’t leave out any room and make sure that you garden is neat. If you leave any furniture behind, ensure that it is in good condition.

End of tenancy cleaning in Paddington is a vital chore, so with these tips, you can get it done successfully and swiftly.

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