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02Dec 2013

House Cleaning Tricks That Can Save Your Time and Effort

The overall guide to cleaning your house in Bromley is not to think of it taking ‘less time,’ but more to be thinking of how it can take ‘no time.’ This obviously sounds like nonsense at first, as there is no such thing as being able to do something without it taking up time. However, if you think about the day, there is often a fair amount of time where you are not really doing much. Most of the time, these moments come when you are either attempting to regain concentration by distracting yourself for a second, or when you have finished one thing, and are waiting for something else, like an email. When you find yourself in these situations, why not try to reduce the likelihood of them going to waste; if you are feeling like you need to spend a minute away from the computer, then you can get up, stretch your legs, put the kettle on, wipe down the kitchen, or mop the floor, and by the time your tea is finished, you will have cleaned something, and feel both refreshed for having gotten away from your work, but also positive about using that time effectively! It is simply a matter of utilizing the ‘down’ time throughout the day, and ensuring that it does not go to waste.

If you can, you should be sure to reduce the likelihood of dirt building up by increasing the amount that you clean. It sounds silly, much like the ‘no time’ idea, but if you clean your home in the BR1 area more often, you will be cleaning less each time. You will find that the dirt does not build up as much, and you can make each task take less and less time, which essentially means that they become less of an interference in your life. If you are in control of the dust in the living room, then a wipe down whilst you are on the phone to a friend will take a couple of seconds, which will be a serious case of two birds with one stone! You will no doubt find that there are loads of jobs around your house in Bromley, BR1 that can be tackled in this way; simply recognizing what you have not done for a while and then hitting them when you have a minute will ensure that there is no chance that you get stuck with a mountain of housework to do at the weekend.

Leaving everything to do at the weekend will only cause you stress and aggravation. You will no doubt want to ensure that you are not cleaning when you should be relaxing after work, but it can be that leaving things until the weekend will mean that you get less relaxation time throughout the week, because your Sunday is completely written off! This is clearly not going to do you any favours what so ever, as you will only feel tired out and frustrated when you go in to work on Monday! If you do have to go away or do other things at the weekend, then your house in Bromley is simply going to get into a certain level of disrepair, and become much more difficult to clean overall, which simply adds to your stress! So, rather than slumping on the sofa when you get in, why not hit a couple of cleaning areas when you get in from work, before making your dinner and relaxing for a while; this way you will be more relaxed overall, which will make for a much more stress-free life.

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