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03Apr 2014

Best Ways to Clean Your Oven

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen in Islington, there is always a bit of an elephant in the room. You need to decide as to whether you are going to go for it and really get the whole kitchen clean, or whether you are going to just brush over the surface, quite literally, by just cleaning the things that you can see. A deep clean of the kitchen requires that you are able to clean that inside of things, like the fridge, the microwave, and most importantly, the oven. The oven has become a bit of a feared subject when it comes to cleaning, as the amount of dirt and baked on grease that it collects tends to mean that people in Islington, N1 don’t want to tackle it. This of course simply means that the mess gets worse, and the cleaning job gets to be even more of a fearful thing! If you are going to tackle it head-on, which you should, then a few hints and tips will be a good way to start off on the right foot!

For a start, assess the situation. Use a skewer or something similar to have a prod at the dirt. The sharp skewer should let you know how tough the build-up of baked-on grease is inside the oven, and you will no doubt get a feeling for how difficult the cleaning is going to be. The chemicals in oven cleaning products are extremely powerful and will tackle a great deal of dirt, but if you can reduce the thickness of the dirt in the first place, then you are going to have a much easier time overall. With this in mind, if you feel like the dirt is pretty thick or deep, then you can take a BBQ cleaner to it. These tools often have a sharp edge used for getting rid of burnt-on grease, and with a bit of effort, you should be able to chip away at the dirt, so that the metal oven is exposed again in these places. Use a wire brush to get rid of any remaining bits, and you should find that the oven cleaner is now better placed to do its job well.

Be sure to wear rubber gloves the whole time you are cleaning the oven, as the chemicals involved can be horrendous on the skin. You will find that having a long-handled brush will help you from needing to bend over quite so much, and avoid you having your ahead basically inside the oven, inhaling the fumes. Cover the whole of the inside of the oven with the cleaning product, and remove the racks, doing the same to them in the sink or the bags provided. You will find that you need to leave the cleaning fluid for a while to allow it to do its chemical breaking down of the grease. After twenty minutes or so, or whatever is recommended on the bottle, you should start scrubbing with the brush. It will be tough work, but it will certainly be worth it! Once all the grease and dirt is removed, use a rag to lift larger chunks of dirt that have come free out, and bin them. You can then use a wet towel or rag to mop the residue cleaning fluid out of there. Cleaning products change form brand to brand, so always read the instructions, but hopefully, the above tips will help you get your oven in Islington looking spotless!

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