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29Apr 2015

Hiring Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Kitchen

Cinderella who was destined to work in the kitchen got our sympathy; but in truth, kitchen cleaning is the task every house maker in Shoreditch has to face. It is not only important to keep the kitchen clean but it must be an epitome of cleanliness and an aura of hygiene at the highest level. This includes not only the kitchen at home but any kitchen in the commercial level in a restaurant, cafe or hotel. But the load can be taken off your back by hiring professional cleaning services.

•    Commercial kitchens
Kitchens in cafés, hotels and restaurants in Shoreditch, N1 are subjected to certain legislation related to hygiene and they are expected as a business to follow existing legislation. Cleanliness is a good enough reason but if the cleaning of any appliances is not thorough or appropriate, the result may contaminate food, spread disease, pests, etc.

•    Don’t ignore these areas
Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning all those areas that are not easily accessible and may be forgotten or ignored. For commercial kitchens in the E1 area, you may need to buy some professional equipment and chemicals to eliminate bacteria, get rid of stubborn food stains and deposits. Do this every day and your kitchen will be looking as good as new!

•    Target and clean
Deep clean all equipment including cooker, hob, and deep fryers as specified on a daily basis. Clean the deep vents and ducts at least once a week so that your restaurant says hygienic. De-greasing of floors and walls is an essential task, especially in commercial kitchens. Use a disinfectant to wipe clean all surfaces and don’t forget to dust the ceilings and lights. Clean the ovens regularly and seek the help of professional oven cleaners to maintain and prolong the life of this equipment in your kitchen in the E1.

Maintain high standards of hygiene in your kitchen. Professional cleaners can be called for maintenance visits to ensure that your kitchen is always kept up to the highest standard.

•    Advantages of hiring a cleaning company
A cleaning company will ensure that there is no disruption in the home or commercial establishment in Shoreditch; the cleaners are efficient and their service is at your convenience. Most cleaners can be hired to work at any flexible hours to give prompt, speedy and appropriate services.

Whether in your home, in cafes, restaurants or hotels, the only evidence you want to see of your cleaners is the effect of their work. They will set up their cleaning schedule to suit you so that your home, commercial or industrial premises continue to function without disruption. You can specify if the most convenient time is early in the morning, late in the evening, or even overnight; you just need to tell them.

•    Keep your customers happy
Since cleaning the kitchen is not your basic work at home or in your business, you can free your staff, as well as yourself to concentrate on the main function; cooking great food for your family or clients. Customers will be greatly gratified if the kitchen is always kept up to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. It needs efforts to maintain a safe working environment that maximises efficiency and keeps the patronage of your clients.

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