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13Mar 2015

How to Maintain Upholstered Furniture

If you’ve noticed any issues with your upholstered furniture in Notting Hill, do something about it and get it sorted sooner rather than later, because chances are it’s not going to get any better. So as you go about your house cleaning, keep an eye out for any stains, rips and marks on your upholstery because there’s always something that you can do to rectify the situation. Take some of this advice on board and implement some of these foolproof techniques and cleaning methods to get your started.

1.    Use your vacuum cleaner.
Nowadays, many vacuum cleaners come with an array of different nozzles and attachments that can be used to clean different materials and fabrics. In addition to hard floor cleaning and carpet cleaning, the small attachments work a treat when it comes to getting upholstery cleaned. So give your upholstery in Notting Hill, W11 a quick clean with your vacuum cleaner first, before you clean the fabric with other treatments and use other equipment.

2.    A simple soapy water solution is great for giving your upholstery a general clean up.
Make a soapy water solution and use this to dampen a soft microfiber cloth. Wring it out thoroughly before you begin wiping the fabric, because you definitely don’t want to be saturating the fabric. Then gently start cleaning your upholstery, wiping, almost stroking the fabric with your cloth in order to give the surface a good clean.

3.    Spot clean any stains and fresh spillages.
Pour some white vinegar onto a soft microfiber cloth and gently blot the fresh spillage. Start by blotting the edges of the stain and then slowly and carefully work your way into the middle, being careful not to apply too much pressure or to wipe and scrub the stain. Another great product that you should always have in your cupboard is a packet of wet wipes. These are great at removing any surface dirt and can be used straight away, straight from the packet. Whatever product you plan to use, make sure that you test it out on a little corner first, so that you can be sure that it won’t do more harm than good when used on your material. If nothing seems to work, or if your stain is rather large or on some particularly delicate material, call up your local cleaning agency in the W10 area, book a few cleaning services, and let their professional cleaners handle the job. Hiring a specialist cleaning service may cost you a little bit more than you were hoping to spend, but at the end of the day if your upholstery fabric is delicate, antique and important to you, it’s well worth shelling out a little bit of money in order to rectify the state of your upholstered furniture.

4.    After you use a product on your upholstery, no matter what it is, it’s essential that you allow it to dry thoroughly before using that item of furniture again.
If you’ve recently used a cleaner or stain remover on the upholstery in your home in Notting Hill, don’t be hasty in wanting to use that item of furniture again. Let the area dry naturally, and as long as you haven’t saturated the material, this process shouldn’t take too long.  However, you can always speed up the process by letting as much air into your rooms as possible; so open plenty of windows to fresh things up and speed up the drying process.

5.    Give removable covers a quick spin in the washing machine.
If you have removable covers, check the labels first to see if they’re machine washable then give them a clean in the washing machine.

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