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15Jul 2015

Easy Ways to Get Your Office Clean and Tidy

Office cleaning in Ruislip is a pretty daunting idea to be faced with, but it’s something that many business owners or managers are faced with whether they like it or not. It doesn’t have to cause you to go running in fear, however, as long as you keep your clean space maintained then it’s an easy daily task. Little bits every day will prevent build-up and keep you and your staff in a comfortable working environment.

- Sort out a rota. If everyone does a bit at the end of every day then you will find that you are seeing less and less dirt build-up. Assign a couple of tasks and give each person a day. Make sure you don’t overload your staff as they may already have a lot to do. A little ten-minute job once a week shouldn’t make you a terrible boss. Make sure they are keeping their own space clean as well. Clearing away any food or rubbish they bring in and regularly keeping their computer screen and keyboard clean. Kitchen cleaning should never be a bog job in an office environment in Ruislip, HA4 as everyone should clean after themselves. A laminated sign can be useful to remind people and it’s a good idea to leave out a sponge and some spray so people have easy access to it, therefore are more likely to go ahead and use it.

- Make sure you have the right products to hand. Carpet cleaning will need the right tools. Carpets can really withstand some wear and tear when you have a lot of people passing through. As you are talking about a workplace environment in H2 it is unlikely that people are going to remove their shoes. A broom is really handy for all floors. Wood or laminate floors can be swept at the end of every day to clean up any debris and then just thrown away using a dustpan and brush. You can also use it to lift any dirt from the carpet so it can then be easily vacuumed.

- Hire a professional. Commercial cleaning in the HA4 area is a much bigger job than domestic cleaning and it’s a good idea to have a chat with some local cleaning agencies. You will need to decide whether you can manage some of it alone and therefore just need the occasional big clean. Or maybe you want a regular daily cleaner to take any burden off your staff. Research any cleaning companies well and ask around offices in your area who they use and if they recommend them.

- Add the little touches. A well-presented office in Ruislip can really help focus and attract clients. Adding nice soaps and plants can give your office that more homely and welcoming feel. A clean space is really important, from where your staff eat to where your clients might sit. So have a look at your facilities and maybe look into upholstery cleaning if your couches are looking tired and less than inviting. Cleaning contractors who specialise in offices will usually know exactly what to do and carry the right equipment on them so it’s definitely worth the money in order to eliminate any cleaning stress.

Your office should be a space that people want to come to, including yourself. It’s important to think of the cleaning more of maintaining the area. This way you will find that things never build up and get too hard to handle. Your office, just like your home should feel relaxed but productive at the same time. So a clean space is essential for a clean mind.

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