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05Nov 2014

Best Methods for Windows and Mirrors Cleaning

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see your face while you were putting on your eyeliner instead of the print of your son’s mouth from when he was trying to create mirror fogs? Has winter gone away but all you can see of the outside is from amongst water spots and streaks? Do your customers complain that they can’t see the inside of your shop window? If so, it is probably time to give your windows and mirror in Fulham a good wash. Of course, if you are short of time, you could hire professional cleaners who will do the job in a matter of minutes, but if you have a reasonable number of windows and a few hours to spare, it is better to get the job done yourself. You can either use some commercial products used in the market, but if you have little ones who love sticking their face against the windows or mirrors, you might consider using domestic cleaning supplies.

How to clean mirrors?

•    Brush away any cobwebs or dust around and behind the mirror in your home in Fulham, W6. Wipe the non-glass surfaces with a moist rag.

•    Make your own house cleaning solution from one part white vinegar and two parts warm water and put it in a spray bottle. Add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid for extra shine.

•    Lay a spare towel or newspaper at the bottom of your mirror so that extra liquid flowing out can be collected before it pools on the wood, damaging it. If the liquid gets inside or behind the mirror, it can cause black edges.

•    If your mirror is dusty or has been in storage for a while, wipe it with a soft rag and water before using the solution. Do not push the dust towards the edges but swipe it away from the surface.

•    Spray the solution on a soft rag to make it damp and use it to gently wipe the surface.

•    Use a dry microfibre cloth or squeegee to polish and dry the mirror. Microfibre cloth and squeegee will leave behind a clean surface without any streaks, but if you don’t have these, you can also use a sheet of newspaper for the same effect.

•    To clean the edges of the mirror, dip one end of a Q-tip in the clean solution, wring out the excess and wipe it along the edge. Use the other end of the Q-tip to dry the same area.

How to clean windows?

•    Sweep away any cobwebs or dirt from the sills and take down the windscreens to give them a hose-down under running water.

•    Rinse the outside of the window to remove any excess dust or dirt that has settled down. If the weather is cold outside, use warm water. Warm water will be more effective in removing grime than cold water. Hot water may cause the glass to expand suddenly and crack.

•    Soak a sponge in a cleaning solution such as made above and clean your window in your home or office in the SW6 district from top to bottom. You can also use a rubbing alcohol solution to clean the glass.

•    Use a squeegee to remove the excess solution from the glass. Remember to dry your squeegee after every drag to avoid streaking patterns.

•    Finish the job by drying and polishing the glass with a soft rag or newspaper.

•    You can clean the inside of the windows similarly, but be careful to lay a towel upon the sill to collect any drips.

This simple procedure will produce results akin to that of professional cleaning services in Fulham and should be your go-to option when you have guests coming over or are doing an end of tenancy cleaning.

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