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13Aug 2014

Easy Microwave and White Goods Cleaning Tips

You will find that cleaning the kitchen is not just about wiping down surfaces as a part of your domestic cleaning in Kensington. It is in fact much more to do with ensuring that you are getting the best from your kitchen cleaning as possible, and getting every single part of the kitchen clean in one fell swoop. The white good in your kitchen, form the microwave to the washing machine, will be easy to clean as part of the general house cleaning routine, as they do not tend to get too dirty, and their surfaces make them easy to wipe down. Whilst the oven cleaning can be a whole other matter, you will find that the dishwasher basically cleans the inside of itself, and the microwave is just as easy as the fried, though smaller. If you feel like this is all a bit much, even after looking through the tips, you should perhaps think about getting a contract cleaner. Professional cleaners are a great way to reduce the stress and fatigue that cleaning whilst having a full time job can induce in a person. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to have others in your house in Kensington, W8 get involved in the kitchen cleaning.

When cleaning the microwave, try putting a bowl with some water and half a squeezed out lemon in it. Set the microwave on high for four minutes, and then once it is done, remove the bowl and wipe down the inside of the unit. The results are often surprising, as you would not expect the lemon to have as much of an effect as it does. You will find that the lemon juice evaporates with the water, and the resulting combination of light acid and water settles on the surfaces of the inside of the unit, which will degrease the walls without you having to do any work. The result is a perfectly easy to clean microwave! Cleaning the outside of the microwave is simply a case of using some surface spray, or a little washing up liquid, and ensuring that you get all tough marks off, that may have dried on previously.

When cleaning the fridge, ensure that you do so at a time when you have very little in it, as this will ensure that you don’t have to worry too much about the effort of getting things in and out of it. Wipe down the insides in the same way that you would the outsides, with a sponge and some sprat, or washing up liquid. Be sure however, to rinse out the inside well, as this will ensure that you are not at risk of getting the food in contact with the cleaning product residue.

You will find that the dishwasher and washing machine you have in your home in Kensington need a little love from time to time, and there are products that you simply put inside them, and then put the machine through a cycle, and the product is pushed around the inner workings of the machine, leaving all of the clogged up pipework clean and working well. For the outside, again, white goods are all the same, and you will be able to get them cleaned down easily with a cloth or sponge, and some washing up liquid, or surface cleaning spray. Be sure that you are not likely to get anything on the floor, as that may result in further cleaning to do as you have to mop up your mess!

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