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13Feb 2014

Eco-friendly Cleaning Options for Your House

If you are concerned by the state of the planet, and the legacy that humans are leaving behind them, generation after generation, then you should be! Scientists suggest that humankind may be past the point of saving and that within the next millennium, the race will not be able to inhabit this planet. Essentially, this is because of the neglectful way in which we live our lives as a race. You will find that no matter whether you thought you were as green as could be, there are always ways to improve on your environmentally responsible scale in Uxbridge. That is why you are reading this of course; cleaning is an area where you can always cut down on waste and pollution, and sometimes in ways that you may not have thought of before.

For a start, did you know that many of the cleaning products that are commonly used throughout your home in Uxbridge, UB8 are extremely dangerous? You only have to look at the reverse of the bottle in order to get an idea of the dangers that they contain, as indicated by the big black ‘X’ that many of them show. This sign means toxic, and if you shouldn’t be drinking it, then it’s most likely that you should not be flushing it into the water systems day in, day out. The ecosystems that live off of the water table in the countryside surrounding your area will be affected by the changes in chemical and mineral levels in the water. The flushing of chemical products into these water systems can cause serious problems for these ecosystems as well. Whilst it may not seem like it to the average human, the lives of insects and other wildlife is greatly responsible for the way in which humans survive, like the honey beekeeping the plant life in order, so that they carry on cleaning the air that people breath. It all falls in to place, and pollution is ruining it. So how do you prevent these chemicals from being flushed in to the waterways in the UB8 area? The simplest way is to stop using them altogether. You will be able to find eco-cleaners that serve the same purpose without poisoning anything. These cleaners are made up of minerals and plant extracts that clean and kill germs in a natural way, rather than using harsh chemicals. If this is too expensive for you, then why not grab a lemon, some vinegar and a little baking soda, and get cracking on making your own cleaning products? You would be surprised by the results that these simple ingredients can have on your house cleaning. There is a huge amount to be said for trying it out at least, as lemon and vinegar have naturally occurring acids in them, which cut through grease and kill germs, whilst baking soda is carbonated for a fizzy reaction as you clean, aiding the loosening of dirt from surfaces.

If you combine this with your own homemade cleaning cloths, then you will be preventing another issue that the planet faces; production and disposal. The production of cleaning product bottles and cleaning equipment like sponges and J-cloths causes a huge amount of pollution, whilst the disposable nature of them means that these products quickly end up on the landfill site in Uxbridge. Plastic buckets, pans and brushes also break easily, meaning that they get thrown out all too quickly. You need to stop this cycle of non-sustainability, or the problem will simply keep getting worse!

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