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18May 2015

How to Clean Your House Before Move Out

end of tenancy clean

There are lots of things to think about when you move house in Brixton. Packing the furniture, loading the van, remembering where everything is. But there is one thing you need to do after you move out – clean the house. It is important, especially if you are renting and need to do an end of tenancy cleaning. To make sure the house is clean and tidy before you leave, we have some handy tips on how to clean up after your move.

1)    Clearing away rubbish
You may have accumulated some rubbish during the move in Brixton, SW, such as packaging material, empty boxes etc. All this needs to be cleared away before you begin cleaning so that you can carry on with no hindrance. Take what you can to the recycling centre, and everything else can go to the refuse. Remember to make sure the refuse bins are also empty before you leave as you don’t want the new occupants to have to deal with your rubbish. 

vacuum cleaning

2)    Vacuuming and dusting
When the house is free from rubbish and furniture, you will be surprised at how easy it is to clean. You won’t have to move anything or clean under something; it will be a great way to house clean. It is best to start with the dusting as you may be dislodging a lot of dust and dirt that you can then vacuum up. Wet dusting is a great way of keeping dust from flying away while you are cleaning. You can get wet dusting wipes from the supermarket, but all you really need is a damp cloth or duster, and some polish. After you have dusted, you can vacuum all over, remembering all the cupboards and areas previously covered by furniture. After the carpet cleaning, laminate or other flooring of that type can be cleaned with a mop or a steam floor cleaner.

kitchen cleaning

3)    A clean kitchen is essential
One of the areas in the house in SW2 that are probably the most difficult to clean is the kitchen. The oven is the worst appliance in the kitchen, and if you didn’t clean it regularly, you will be in for a shock. Cleaning all the kitchen surfaces is a great way to start, followed by wiping the cupboards inside and out. If the fridge is to be left in the house, you need to make sure that it is empty and unplugged. Leave the fridge door open so that no odours or smells accumulate inside while it is standing empty. Tackling the oven doesn’t have to be a big chore as there are cleaning products that can deal with it quickly. The only thing to remember is that you will need to leave it on for a couple of hours, so it may be a good idea to put it on before you start the move.

4)     Skirting boards and walls
One thing that can get overlooked when you are clearing up is checking the skirting boards and the walls. You need to check for damage to the walls and repair as necessary using filler or another type of wall covering. Any marks on the walls may need to be retouched with paint beforehand, so make sure that you either have some of the old paint left, or you get a small pot of the same colour.

carpet cleaning

5)    Professional cleaners
Of course if you simply don’t have the time to worry about cleaning the house in Brixton after you leave, you can always employ a cleaning company based in the SW2 district to do the job for you. The cleaning service should be able to do it all in a short time and they will be guided by your wishes.

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