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23Dec 2014

How to Clean Your Fridge

One of those things that people in Hammersmith often leave until the last minute is cleaning out the fridge. You will find that for the most part, cleaning the kitchen is an everyday process, where you get rid of the mess that you made in the process of cooking and preparing food. You will find, however, that the same attention is rarely turned towards the fridge and the oven when you are doing your home cleaning, as they are more hidden from sight, and in the case of the fridge, filled with food! Kitchen cleaning is about hygiene as much as it is aesthetics, and making sure that the place that you store your food is in good shape is a good way to ward off bad bacteria and mold that can grow in there if it is allowed to do so.  If your fridge ever smells, it will be due to the food that has not been thrown out, but this can also become apparent in food that has spilled and then gone bad, so cleaning is really the only way to get rid of these smell issues.

For a start, the best time to clean a fridge is when you have as little food in there as possible, as this will mean less work emptying it out and restocking it. If you know you are going to be filling it up that day, then why not get the job done in the morning before you go to the shops? Alternately, you may find that there is a certain smell and that you really need to get rid of it as soon as possible if you are going to carry on using your kitchen in Hammersmith, W12! Take out all items that are in the fridge, and wipe them off, so that any food mess that is on them does not go back in to the fridge. This is a main cause of mess in the fridge in the first place, and it is worth sorting out at an early stage just in case you forget to when it gets to the end of the process.

Once the fridge is empty, remove the shelves, which will usually slide out, and ensure that you have a sink full of warm soapy water ready to soak them in. You will find that you can treat the shelves like plates, as they are usually made from glass or plastic, and washing them up in the sink is easy, as long as you give them time to soak. As they are soaking, spray down the inside of the fridge with any normal home cleaning or kitchen cleaning spray, in order to disinfect the fridge, and to start breaking down the grease and dried on dirt inside. You will find that it is easy enough to wipe down the sides, though there may well be some tougher dried-on stains. Once you have wiped down the shelves and dried off them as well as the fridge, you can replace everything and it will be good as new!

Remember that it is often a good idea to get a cleaning service in Hammersmith to do this kind of job for you. Alongside oven cleaning, it takes a while and can be a bit of a pain in terms of getting on with your day. No one wants to skimp on a home cleaning job as important as this is, and there is a great deal that can come of ensuring that you are doing things in the right way, so why not try out professional cleaners?

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