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10Sep 2014

Easy Windows Cleaning Steps

Cleaning windows in Acton is actually very easy, just as long as you have all of the correct tools for the job at hand.

Window wash
Before you start spraying anything that you may find onto windows, make sure that you have a suitable solution ready first. There is no need to go out and buy expensive window washing detergents as all you will need is a simple soapy solution made up of cold water and washing up liquid and that’s it! Some people in Acton, W3 swear by vinegar but this is optional as washing up liquid and cold water will do the trick.

What tools do I need?
You will need a bucket, a sponge and a squeegee for fast effective cleaning that lives up to professional standards.

Most windows are successfully cleaned using a squeegee however certain types such as French windows, leaded windows and windows with engraved bumpy patterns cannot be cleaned with one because it’s not effective at cleaning those specific types.

It’s also a good idea to have a glass scraper. Glass scrapers are great for removing stubborn debris which has latched onto the window and is hard to remove. Simply scrape the area in one direction and wipe the blade as you go, do not scrape back and forwards though as this can scratch the window. Remember to regularly check the condition of your scraper, looking for signs of rust and wear as a damaged scraper can scratch the window pane and only work on wet windows.

Water is essential, cold water is usually fine but if the weather is particularly cold you may have to use lukewarm water so that it does not freeze as you put it onto the glass, however if it’s an extremely cold day in the W3 region even warm water freezes as it touches glass and it may be a case of leaving the windows until a more suitable day.

How to clean
For large windows horizontal strokes works best. Start by wetting the glass with your solution and then do horizontal strokes along the pane of glass remembering to wipe the squeegee each time, some people skip the wiping part to save time however the windows are prone to streak marks if you do.

For smaller windows vertical strokes work best as squeegees are often too long to fit into the pane of glass horizontally, using the same method as above work vertical strokes down the pane of glass and wipe edges last to remove excess moisture that may be lingering.

Cleaning without a squeegee
For windows that are not suitable for squeegee cleaning, try a microfiber cloth instead, wet the windows as above and wipe off excess moisture with the microfiber cloth at each stroke. For stubborn areas it may be a little tricky and you may need to use your scraper but try to be careful on certain types of window such as lead because the lead can easily come off if too much pressure is applied.

Inside out cleaning
Unless you are a professional window cleaner in Acton with no inside access, try starting from the inside out and work from top to bottom because you do not want all of your hard work ruined by spills and drips for top windows.

Cleaning insides is usually more hassle because of having to shift everything from the window sills beforehand but starting inside saves time because you do not have to change water solution, cleaner water  can be used inside first and what’s left can be used to do the outer ones.

Downward strokes, unless the glass is a size which makes this difficult, work better as you do not get vertical drips running across you pre -cleaned areas.

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