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07Sep 2015

Preparing for Summer Cleaning

summer cleaning guide

The intense heat of summer can affect every aspect of your domestic life. Holidays usually need planning, there are several checklists for getting the kids back to school, and you may have to organise several big days out with your close and extended family. During such a busy time, it can be easy to let your cleaning chores fall to the bottom of the pile, but when you divide your tasks into manageable bites and go through it methodically, you can still maintain the spotless home you want and deserve. Here are some of the most effective tips for cleaning your home in summer.

house cleaners

Before you pull the rubber gloves on and dive straight into the task of cleaning your house, take some time to consider a professional solution instead. Summer, especially the second half of July and August, is one of the best times you can choose to hire a professional cleaning firm. This is because business is generally slow for these companies in late summer, and if you have any special requirements or time constraints they’ll be able to accommodate for them much more conveniently than at other times in the year. While we’re looking at the year as a big picture, it’s worth mentioning that you should plan any boiler and furnace maintenance for the summer so you can get rid of any worries concerning the cold weather in autumn and winter.

kitchen clean

Like many people across the UK, you may be planning several big day trips for your whole family, which as you probably know can depend heavily on how well you can organise them. One factor in these trips some people unfortunately tend to neglect is your stock of medicine. When you come to clean out your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you keep your medicine cabinet, take the time to throw away any out-of-date medication or obsolete plasters. After this initial scouring, write up a comprehensive list of everything you’d kept in the cabinet and restock it.

floor cleaning

One particular part of your cleaning schedule should be sliding door tracks, which are likely to spring up over the hottest days of the summer. In these peaks, your whole family will probably be coming in and out of the conservatory through a sliding door. To make absolutely sure that these are working smoothly and not at risk of breaking, get a bottle of a good degreasing product, a versatile screw driver and an ample supply of rags. First, spray the solution across the tracks of your sliding doors generously and let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes to make sure it’s doing its job. Then, wrap the screwdriver in a fresh rag, using the long, rigid shape to get in any of those annoying grooves. Dust and dirt can gather up in these ridges very quickly over time, so make several passes with the screw-rag to be certain that you’ve got everything.

cleaning products

As you have probably discovered already, summer is when all kinds of bugs and pests love to breed, so do a thorough sweep for them. You can pick up a good pesticide for a trivial price at almost any convenience shop, then all you need to do is go up and down the garden and from room to room on a seek and destroy mission! While these sprays are very versatile and effective, there may be certain bigger pest problems that you simply can’t deal with yourself. If you discover signs of a serious infestation, particularly just before the whole household goes off on holiday, call an exterminator. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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